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Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC)

Tailwind Services LLC acts as Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors in Illinois and other states. An ABC is an out of court liquidation of an insolvent business. In an ABC, the assets of a business are transferred to a trust. The Assignee acts as the trustee of the trust, deciding which method of liquidation will bring the highest realization to creditors. This is a powerful business tool that provides significant speed, flexibility and cost savings when time and resources are tight.

Operating Ch. 11 Trustee

Tailwind Services LLC acts as operating trustee in chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. This occurs when a debtor in possession commits fraud or malfeasance in the case, or the creditors lose confidence in the debtor’s ability to confirm a plan of reorganization. The operating trustee steps in to take control of the enterprise and structure a plan, often working in cooperation with a creditors’ committee and the other major case constituencies.


Tailwind Services LLC acts as an examiner in chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. An examiner is appointed by the court to investigate or “examine” a particular transaction or occurrence in the bankruptcy case. Typically, this involves a situation where a trustee appointment is not warranted but the court and creditors require an independent view of the facts.

Corporate Monitor

Tailwind Services LLC acts as corporate monitor in government and commercial litigation cases. This typically involves oversight of corporate practices imposed by virtue a consent decree or other enforcement vehicle.


Tailwind Services LLC professionals serve as directors of public and privately-held companies.


Tailwind Services LLC acts receiver in select commercial and government enforcement litigation cases. A receiver is a fiduciary appointed by the court to act as a custodian or guardian over real estate or a business. The most common receiver appointment is in real estate related cases such as mortgage foreclosures. However, a receiver can be a powerful tool in leveling the playing field in any business dispute where one party is using control over the business or property to the disadvantage of another party. A receivership proceeding may also be used to liquidate assets or a business, similar to a bankruptcy proceeding.

Plan Trustee and Post-confirmation

Tailwind Services LLC acts as plan trustee and postconfirmation trustee. A plan trustee or postconfirmation trustee will often be named in connection with confirmation of a plan of reorganization or liquidation and will have the responsibility to prosecute claims and bankruptcy related litigation, as well as resolve claims against the bankruptcy estate.

Disbursement Agent

Tailwind Services LLC acts as disbursement agent in chapter 11 cases. A disbursement agent makes disbursements under a plan of reorganization.

Lender’s Liquidation Agent

Tailwind Services LLC acts as a lender’s liquidation agent and in that capacity takes all steps necessary to assist a lender in liquidating its collateral in a UCC foreclosure sale or other liquidation proceeding, including marshalling the assets and marketing them for sale.

Interim Management

Tailwind Services LLC professionals serve as interim managers of both solvent and insolvent companies.