Pushing Forward™
Core Values
542 S. Dearborn St
Suite 1400
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Phone: 312.663.0801
Email: gs@tailserv.com

Core Values

1. We are fiduciaries. We owe our clients the duties of loyalty and care. Always.

2. Our assets are our relationships and our reputation. We are dedicated to the highest
    principles of fairness and ethics. Our success depends on our adherence to the highest
    standards. There is no other option.

3. We will give the highest priority to the matters we are working on now, not the matters we are
    chasing or hoping to be engaged in. Our professionalism in this regard will ensure that we
    retain our long-term relationships and clients.

4. We will work as a team with other professionals and not let personal issues or egos distract
    us from our mission. We will not disparage our competitors, and we question why a client
    would want to work with someone who does.

5. We will maintain the focus of our business on the core services we provide. We will keep our
    business operations lean and efficient and pass along the savings to our clients.

6. Our clients'interests come first. Our experience tells us that if our clients do well, our own
    success will follow.